I recently published a piece on Forbes about the on the lessons I’ve learned to live your brand story beyond demo day.

Getting noticed as a startup is difficult. Most startups struggle with how to make your customers REALLY “need” you and get to the point where you have a product people can’t put down. Startups are all based on solid great ideas otherwise they wouldn’t be pursued. So the difference in success versus failure comes from being able to convince people to use it…. branding and storytelling! I believe that building your brand— and not just a product— is a way startups can be more resource efficient and increase their probability of success. 

For most startups when you are starting out your story is all about preparing for pitches. But what happens after the pitch what story should you focus on? As a founder, you’ll be pitching forever — whether you’re fundraising or not.  That is why I wanted to share the lessons I learned to help more startups reap the benefits of a strong brand story that can inform everything their company may do in the future. 

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