Fractional Chief Brand Officer services to build and re-energize brands.



The primary role of a Chief Brand Officer is to be the conscious, soul, and guardian of the brand across the organization. However, I’ve found the position to be extremely opportunistic and growth-focused, but with a long-term view – translating soft brand elements into smart business decisions.

As your fractional Chief Brand Officer, I’ll work with you to craft a strategic brand narrative that defines and future-proofs your brand and maps out a go-to-market plan with a runway for long-term business growth.

Whether you are launching new products or looking for new audiences, I’m here to increase your leads, sales, and revenue.

CBOs are a great addition to your team if you are looking for new opportunities to keep the brand relevant while ensuring brand messaging and experience consistency. In more established companies, CBOs are helping the brand evolve its voice and meaning while staying grounded in its core equities and values. In early-stage companies, CBOs are helping develop a brand’s voice while helping the brand remain consistent as it enters new channels, markets, and categories.


Brand strategy and positioning

Brand & naming architecture

Internal brand engagement

Anticipate trends

Shape the brand narrative and voice

Identify and evaluate growth opportunities for the brand

Take a long-term view, focusing on metrics like lifetime value and relevance


If you’re an executive wondering if a Chief Brand Officer is right for your organization, here are some questions that can help:

  1. Is your brand relevant to your consumers and markedly different from your competitors?

  2. Do you know the white space you are pursuing and how to evolve your brand to be more relevant for tomorrow?

  3. Do you need help engaging leadership/management with the brand or bringing the brand to life across the organization?

  4. Do your employees understand the brand and are they passionate about delivering customers a unique experience?

  5. Are you struggling with how your brand should respond or participate in political and cultural conversations and events?

  6. Do you have a 5-year vision and plan for your brand while measuring the long-term metrics like customer lifetime value, brand health, and brand value?

  7. Are you having trouble identifying problems with your brand early enough to meaningfully solve them vs. “bandaid” them?

  8. Does your brand have a ‘signature move’ behind your business/brand?


Get your free white paper: The Case For a Chief Brand Officer.

In today’s world, many companies are looking to hire a Chief Brand Officer. Why? Because they understand the importance of having someone who is responsible for making sure that a company has an identifiable brand identity and that it is communicated consistently across all channels. A Chief Brand Officer will help guide your organization through this process by communicating with stakeholders and determining how to best create content and messaging for your customers.

If you’re thinking about hiring a Chief Brand Officer (CBO) or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), this white paper is a must-read to get a better understanding of the role and how it works inside different types of companies, from startups, to mid-sized companies, to established brands with a long history.


    Do get in touch to say hello, set up a meeting, or chat about branding things. I don’t specialize in any one industry and have worked for a really wide spectrum of companies, ranging from startups to nonprofits, to global fortune 100 brand leaders. It just needs to be the right kind of brand problem or needs a diagnosis and point of view to take your brand to the next level.

    I can work with you on a part-time or project basis, providing the expertise you need without the full-time commitment. Contact me if you need a voice in a room of leaders, that can balance business reality with unseen potential.