Companies that embrace new and innovative ways to promote themselves succeed and thrive. In a world where live updates through social media platforms are the most popular methods for news, it’s essential to create an effective strategy. More specifically, live video can help companies tell their brand story and improve their branding and marketing efforts. Here are 10 examples of companies that are using live streaming to engage with the public:

  1. Spotify

Spotify, a leading music streaming application, uses live streaming on a regular basis to showcase exclusive performances and guest musicians. With so many subscribers and listeners, this is a great way to introduce new artists and increase engagement, but it isn’t just that. They used these performance videos as a bridge to streaming video content from the Spotify app. From TED talks to an original show called “Drawn & Recorded” which is animated shorts narrated with a history of bands and their famous songs, Spotify is expanding beyond streaming music into a world of streaming unique and original video content.

  1. Red Bull

Red Bull is well-known for its adventure-filled videos and has been extremely successful in branding many sports-related events, shows and activities. They stream a huge variety of events like the infamous Flugtag, where individuals build makeshift craft and jump off a pier. Or Cliffdiving. Or Wakeboarding. DJ events. Motocross. Mountain biking. These events are hosted all over the world, but streamed to the comfort of your home. Rather than pushing sales, they attract adrenaline junkies and sports-loving individuals to join a community of fun, all of whom get to witness first-hand events like Red Bull Stratus: the record-breaking space-jump by Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from the stratosphere and became the fastest man in freefall, breaking the speed of sound.

  1. Benefit

Cosmetics company, Benefit, uses Facebook Live to showcase many of their latest beauty products, offer makeup tips, and provide makeup tutorials to viewers. One of the most interesting strategies they employe is to ask questions throughout their live videos and give the audience a few minutes to comment through the app. This keeps viewers engaged and helps them learn more about Benefit and their products.

  1. Tastemade

Cooking can be a challenge for many, but Tastemade has made it easy for anyone to learn how to whip up a meal. The company has created a series called “Tiny Kitchen”, which began as a pre-recorded series, but has expanded their videos to stream on Facebook Live with real-time cooking demonstrations.

  1. T-Mobile

CEO John Legere has greatly increased the brand awareness of T-Mobile all across the nation, thanks to live video. He, along with various executives and product managers, take to live streaming executive conferences, product demonstrations, and even cooking lessons. The company has given consumers an easier way to get company updates quickly and to learn more about the company’s story. These events help build loyalty via a more transparent behind-the-scenes look at a company, as well as building engagement with casual, tongue-in-cheek events like hosting drinking games for Verizon and AT&T as well as T-Mobile’s own earnings calls with rules like drink if: “anyone mentions “listening to customers,” “John Legere says a four-letter swear word,” or ‘Mike Sievert says “Un-carrier.”

  1. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is no stranger to creative videos. They garner attention with their comical videos that include dance battles, conversations with the president of the United States, and even people trying new foods. Their videos keep viewers engaged and interested throughout the entire duration of the video, no matter how long or short they are.

  1. General Electric

What’s the best way to attract attention to a video from a utility company? You ask popular celebrity scientists to join like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Recently, they used live streaming and a drone to show viewers a bird’s eye view of GE facilities and surrounding sights.

  1. DKNY

Have you ever wondered what models do behind the scenes of a fashion show? DKNY offered Periscope viewers a glimpse of just that, including a sneak peek into the workrooms and closets of fashion designers and models.

  1. JC Penny

Eva Longoria introduced her new bedding collection in JC Penny’s first Periscope stream. Since then, the company has had many celebrities take over its live videos to offer viewers exclusive, live announcements as part of its marketing strategy.

  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met Museum in New York has used Facebook Live to offer viewers a tour of the museum, live openings and exclusive exhibition previews. This has given the museum an excellent way to increase brand awareness with the public.

This list is a great place to start looking for inspiration in utilizing live video for your own brand. Start with your audience in mind to develop a richer channel experience, and use that to further your brand in the world of real-time engagement.