I learned a lot through my early startup experience. I learned more about myself, the business world and how to manage a team. I learned to be agile, quickly learning new things as you go. I learned to embrace the journey of learning and dedicating yourself to the challenge of building something of value to the world. I learned that persistence, perseverance, and passion are the keys to life. The lessons are endless, but all personal journeys begin with inspiration, so I hope that some of my personal stories will inspire others.

Advice to my pre-startup self:  A retrospective of advice written to my pre-startup. These lessons will stick with me forever and guide how I lead, manage, and grow my future endevors.

My startup toolkit:  My personal mix of startup resources to help talented young dreamers navigate through the extensive amount of information out there. It’s a mix of articles and links to my personal archive of resources from my own startup experience. This list is updated from time to time as I collect articles or blog posts that inspire me or I find continual value from.

My first startup post mortem: Reflections from the day I fully committed to moving on from my first startup, MoPix, and what to do when you run out of your startup runways.