Ryan Stoner | Brand Strategist

Ryan Stoner

“I’m a passionate brand strategist, marketing leader and entrepreneur. I enjoy helping brands tell great stories that inspire action. When I’m not working, I bring my love for adventure to everything I do: from travel to fitness to new startup endeavors.”

Ryan Stoner is a leading expert in brand strategy and marketing who is passionate about storytelling for brands. Ryan Stoner is a high-energy leader and creative thinker who thrives on the success of building consumer brands and launching startups. He has helped online and offline brands and teams in all aspects of their growth, from business development to digital marketing and global new brand launches. Stoner believes it is extremely important for the business and creative sides of a brand to connect in order to make a company the best it can be. He brings both his business knowledge and creative perspective to his work in order to drive action for companies with compelling brand stories.

Ryan Stoner started his career as a Brand Planner with Publicis. There, he was a part of the strategy team behind an enormously popular T-Mobile ad campaign featuring Dwayne Wade and Chris Barkley. After that he joined Omelet in Los Angeles as the Director of Strategy and founding partner. There, Ryan launched and maintained the strategy department and partnered with brand managers to help them figure out what was next for their companies. Omelet’s well-known client roster include ABC, Academy Awards, Activision, Budweiser, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Disney, EA Easton Sports, Fox Mobile, G4, Genius Products, Interscope Records, Microsoft, NBC, TBS, TNT, Toyota, USA Networks and Warner Brothers.


After his positions with these two dynamic advertising companies, Stoner founded two innovative startups. First was MoPix, a film self-distribution platform that worked across multiple digital distribution channels. Ryan grew MoPix and raised funding through investors, including Wieden & Kennedy and 500 Startups, the leading global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator. MoPix was featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, and Fast Company among other publications. In 2012, Ryan Stoner became a founding member of the Mark Cuban-backed startup Switchcam, an aggregator of crowd-sourced videos from major events, where he led growth & sales initiatives.

After startups, Ryan Stoner began providing brand and growth strategy consulting for Fortune 500 caliber companies which allowed him to craft his vision for building brands of action with great stories that inspire action. He created foundational brand positionings for several venture funded and bootstrapped startups, and led creative advertising projects for tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. In 2014, Ryan returned to Publicis as the Strategy Director to lead brand strategy or T-Mobile, helping the brand set itself apart of the wireless Goliaths as the “Un-carrier.”

Ryan Stoner is currently at Phenomenon, where he works as the Executive Head of Strategy. Through this position, Stoner helps his clients align around a strategic narrative to power integrated marketing, advertising, sales, and product that excites the C-suite. Stoner has traveled much of his life with his family, growing up in Senegal, Nepal and Indonesia. He now lives with his amazing wife Jenn and his lovely daughters Zaya and Azalyn in Los Angeles, California. In his free time, Stoner enjoys traveling, scuba diving, CrossFit and taking in new knowledge to learn from other successful entrepreneurs about strategy, growth, and so much more.